Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Critical Run
is a sweating debating format for criticism.

The concept is developed by artist Thierry Geoffroy and the purpose is to train the awareness muscle by discussing a topic while running. Distances are relatively short and participants are often dressed in normal shoes and clothes.

"Critical Run is a run where we debate while we run.
Critical Run is an embodied metaphor.
An absorbation of what we feel we should do in a world at the edge of an
But it is not a run away from the gulf to escape
But a run for solutions.

Critical Run is a method to energize the debate in emergencies.
We can not remain sedentary.
Drinking (for instance smoothies)
Eating (for instance sushi)
Run away.
Run towards.
Run together.
Run for.
Run." -

- pensar sempre foi uma actividade melhor executada em errância -

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