Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Oh senhor Joaquim, dê-me aí um expansor de QI"

Bem, infelizmente é ainda um projecto artístico


Eu não costumo ser muito radical... Mas o jejum é unanimemente considerado um hábito saudável.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A existência sintética

foto the Vincent Fournier

"(...) It just seems inevitable that people are going to continue to live more and more through technology. I think the gene-based, corporeal life we are familiar with is just the incipient stage of an evolutionary development of universal intelligence. Already you can see signs of avatarism. Humans are happy to go through self-transformations... breast augmentation, Botox, plastic surgery. At the same time, many others neglect their physical selves, adopting (sometimes false) computer identities. (...) Inevitably there will be a huge market demand for the technology to create artificial selves, avatars, to function in the online world for us. (...) There will be a thriving online market to dress your avatar, buy your avatar a house, decorate your avatar's house, whatever. Every dream comes true, without death, ilness, aging, consequences, repercussions, limitations of time or distance.(...)
Of course the big turning point will be when you and your avatar can meld sensory experience through virtual reality. Already neuroscientists are more and more able to pinpoint the location centers of the brain for very particular emotions, thoughts, physical senses, etc. Eventually we will be able to hook up to brain monitors and actually experience what our avatars experience.(...) Eventually we will die off as species, not to be missed. (...) We will live on ... not through our genes but through our memes. (...) as hyper connectedness makes us all more and more like one living brain, all ego identification of the self will fade as well. (...) The mind will be a singular intelligence, eventually joining other intelligences in the Universe (...) This universal intelligence will exist as hyper-condensed energy in perfect symmetry until some outside irritant disrupts the balance and sets off the entire cycle again with the big bang. (...)
Perhaps it has already happened a billion times already."

Gwyn Wahlmann, na revista Adbusters

Wednesday, November 4, 2009